About Zhivko Sedlarski


Jivko Sedlarski: Exploring the Myth of Woman through Sculpture


Jivko Sedlarski is a Bulgarian sculptor who currently resides in France. His work can be found in exhibitions throughout Europe and China. His art is inspired by the "eternal myth of woman" and often features large-scale, otherworldly free-standing metallic dresses.


Sedlarski's exploration of the female form is not limited to the superficial aspects of beauty but delves deeper into the cultural and mythological significance of women. His works evoke a sense of timelessness as if the figures he sculpts have existed since the beginning of civilization. This is evident in his use of classical materials such as bronze and stone.


Sedlarski draws inspiration from various sources, including the world of fashion and haute couture, as well as medical anatomy. He blends these influences to create sculptures that are both delicate and powerful, often featuring intricate details and flowing lines.


One of his most notable works is the sculpture "Rainbow", which depicts a large, metallic dress draped over a boulder. The dress appears to be caught in motion as if it was caught by a gust of wind. This piece captures the essence of Sedlarski's work, which often portrays the female form as a force of nature.


Sedlarski's use of materials is also worth noting. While he works with traditional mediums like bronze and stone, he also incorporates modern materials like resin. This allows him to create sculptures with a more fluid, organic feel.


Overall, Jivko Sedlarski's work is a testament to the enduring power of the female form. His sculptures are timeless, evocative, and deeply meaningful. By exploring the myth of woman through sculpture, Sedlarski invites viewers to consider the cultural and symbolic significance of women throughout history.